A Cannabis Brand for the Cannaculture

A Cannabis Brand for the Cannaculture.

Cannaculture’s rich history that has evolved over the decades is steeped with world class cannabis genetics.

From the legacy to now legal markets, the culture has blossomed to include household brand names who cultivate consumer love for the plant and respect for the potency of the flower.

GAGE is itself a household name revered for its high quality cannabis flower that is unmatched by any of our competitors. In addition, GAGE’s award winning retail stores house many of the industry’s leading brands, providing customers with a best-in-class experience starting at a GAGE retail site all the way through to the premium cannabis they light.

High Expectations

We cultivate exceptional cannabis with uncompromising high standards for people who love and respect the potency of flower.

GAGE is premium cannabis.

GAGE grows world class genetics.

GAGE sells top shelf cannabis products.

GAGE is a community leader.

High Expectations
Premium Cannabis

Premium Cannabis

We believe that above all the canna-connoisseur wants clean, potent cannabis that burns slowly and is rich in flavor and its effect.

Top Shelf Retail

We land exclusive partnerships with the best brand names in the market so that at any GAGE retail location consumers will find industry leading brands and strains.

Community Leader

We honor our communities through constant volunteer engagements and our best-in-class Social Equity program.

These licensees earned gold status by sharing their current social equity, corporate spend, and community reinvestment plans on the CRA website.